Sunday, 31 July 2011

Be prepared, the end is near

Even though it is Sunday, it is quite a coincidence that this sounds like a preaching. I am talking about our Big Wait before the Big Move.
You see, last year in July, we decided to apply to emigrate to Australia. In August we met the emigration agent, in September we formally started the process and 10 months later … viola… we have our visa’s.  Permanent Residency!
Everybody who’s been through this process knows that it is no Sunday school picnic.  It is time consuming and a real struggle to get the right documents to the right person by the right time. Fortunately, our process went fast.
Not that I am ungrateful that our process went so smooth and so fast, but the speed just caused a little problem …. We are not ready to go yet.
If it all depended on us, we would move tomorrow, but unfortunately there are some issues to sort out first. Sarel need to finalise some issues with his business and we need to sell our house.
The house has been in the market since January 2011 and we only had 2 couples who came and see the house!!!! I knew the house would be an obstacle, but this!!! This is ridiculous. I know you need a lot of patience to sell a house, but my patience is a bit short for now.  I will just have to bite the bullet and deal with it. Who knows when the end is here?
We know that the end can be near (or far away) and we need to be prepared, every day! (Really sounds like a Biblical preach, but I am not talking about any spiritual event.  I am talking about our Big Move.  But I am sure there is some spiritual lessen in this)
Knowing that the end may be close is filtering into our everyday live and decisions. A week or so ago I went to our local SUPERSPAR to buy some bread, milk and other everyday items.  I also saw that the large Dettol Bars of Soap are on special.  50% off! What a bargain?!!!!! A quick mental inventory check reminded me that we are low on bath soap, so there and then I decided to stock up on bars of soap.  My mother always taught me to by in bulk quantities when I see a good bargain, so I decided on a stockpile of bars. (Remember, we are a family of 5!)
But before I got to the check-out point, I realised…. The end may be near!
We use this size soap at a rate of about 1 per month and if I buy so many, I have way more than a year's worth of soap! I have too many! What if we move within the next 6 months? Can I take it with? Should I take it with? No, it is too many! How many will be enough?  Two? Six? Ten?  I don’t know!!!
I settled on few month's bars of soap.  I feel comfortable with that.
The end may be near.  I just wished I knew when, but until then, we live, knowing it can be any day now.

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