Saturday, 23 July 2011


The general feeling in South Africa about crime is that it has to be serious before we worry about it.  The last time we were burgled, we did not even phone the police.

Serious crime is injury, rape or death.  We hear that somebody got tied up during a house robbery and we say: “Thank God you were not raped!”

Being burgled or having your car or wallet stolen are common.  It is more of a nuisance to get the insurance, ID and drivers licence sorted out.  

I believe some dinner conversations revolves about a person’s PS.  That is a Personal Story about crime. Well, I do not have a PS, because my burglary story is not news worthy.  No drama, no big losses and no valuables stolen.

Until a while ago, I believed that because we do not have a PS, crime did not affect me.

I even told everyone that crime is not the reason we are leaving South Africa.

That was until we went to watch a baseball game of my stepson, Aaron. I received a text message from a neighbour that one of the houses in our security estate got burgled. I asked Sarel that we should go home immediately to see if our house is fine.

Sarel’s reaction: “Oh, I thought you said crime does not affect you? Now you want to run home and check if all is fine? What about our family outing?”

Can it be? Even without a PS, crime affected me... in ways I forgot.  Just because we escaped the statistics on serious crime, it does not mean that it does not affect our normal life style.

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