Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Facebook Status

Monday, 11 July 2011, my facebook status:  “ Today is the 1st day of the rest of our lives …. It will never be the same!!!!”
Seeing that we kept the reason for above statement very quiet, most FB friends did not know what it was about.   The few who knew … understood it immediately.
The reason for the statement: our Australian Permanent Resident Visas have been approved.  After months of stress, hard work, running/driving around and waiting, we’ve got it.  Finally!
We are all so excited about this development that our family went to a nice supper at our favourite restaurant and we celebrated.  This is the start of our NEW life.
We will not be able to emigrate soon, as we still have some unfinished business here in South Africa, but at least we have some more surety about our future and we can make some plans.
This whole process started just over a year ago. Little did we know that when we promised my Brother / Sister in law that we will come visit them in Sydney, it would have such a life changing effect on us.   We took our family holiday during the Fifa World Cup in South Africa and spent about 3 weeks in Oz. The decision to move our life over to Australia did not happen overnight.  It was more of a process during our holiday, but by the time we returned on 12 July 2010, our minds were set and we started the application process.
Oh well, one year later and we have our visa’s and we are very excited about our future.

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