Friday, 22 July 2011

Introducing: My family

Before I tell more about our emigration adventures, I would like to introduce you to my modern fashioned family.  In total we are 6 in the family. 
Me, Chantel:
The wife / MOM of the family.  Grew up in Alberton. Got my 1st degree in Social Work.  Did my post grad in Human Resource Development (Honours degree)(Both at RAU – now UJ) Been working in HR field since 1998.  Lived in Pinetown, KZN for almost 7 years and now in Centurion since Aug 2006. Was married to Jan for almost 8 years. We were blessed with 2 beautiful daughters , Neré (eldest) and Cara.   Unfortunately Jan was killed in a Motor Vehicle Accident in June 2005. As can be expected, this was a very traumatic experience. I was left alone with a 2 and 3 year old. I do believe this experience strengthened me, emotionally.   As I am the type of person who needs a partner/companion, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful new husband, Sarel.  We were married in Aug 2007. Happily married and excited about our new adventures. I am so lucky to be given a 2nd chance on happiness!
The Husband / DAD and Genius of the family. Grew up in Pretoria and been living there ever since. (Except the few months he lived and worked in the UK).  Studied Electronic Engineering at Tuks (University of Pretoria) and completed an Honors degree in Computer Engineering.  He is a genius when it comes to all IT related stuff.  He has traveled the world (business and pleasure). He was previously married, but sadly, this marriage ended.  He has a son, Aaron and daughter Megan.  He is in partnership with an old colleague/friend and they own a very successful Software Development company. I also work for this company and the office of the company is run from our house in Centurion. 
The eldest daughter (my stepdaughter). Currently 12 and in grade 6. She stays with us half the week and every 2nd weekend.  Lovely academically and culturally strong girl. Growing up to be a typical teenager – interested in cell phones, music, fashion, etc. She is a natural blonde and I love to tease her about her absentmindedness.  I have a beautiful relationship with my stepdaughter and she is a pleasure to be with.
The middle daughter. Neré will be turning 10 in August and is in Grade 4. What a special little girl! A heart of gold and always trying to please or help others.  She is the most untidy and unorganized child ever, but has the memory of an elephant.  She remembers everything.  I call her my memory stick.  She remembers where I put everything, where my car keys are, what time I should be where, but OH boy, if only she can remember to tidy her room or where she left her homework book. LOL! She has her own cat and is the best “cat mommy” I have ever seen. She is a cat person like her mother. She will be growing up to be a very caring person. Younger children love her.
The baby in the family.  Now, 8 years and in Grade 2. She is our little miss attitude.  She always knows better and seems that she got stuck in the terrible 2’s.  I dread to see this attitude when Cara is a teenager. :-) She is a perfectionist.  Everything must be in rows or in straight lines.  Even in traffic she gets annoyed when the cars are not in a straight row.  It is a nightmare to take her shopping as she always tries to put groceries in straight lines on the shelves or in my shopping trolley. She is a natural born leader. We just need to learn to channel that attitude of her in the leadership direction.
The eldest child and only boy.  Almost 17 he is a true teenager.  He stays with his mother full time.  He a very talented sports person.  You can give him any sport and he excels in it.  He plays cricket, baseball, golf and participate in many other activities at school. Also typical teenage boy, he is big into gaming and LAN parties and events are big in his life. He is a very caring young man and a pleasure to be with.
Well, this is my family.  All 6 of us got our Visa’s.  We do not know when we will be moving to Australia as we have a lot of unfinished business in South Africa. As soon as we go, the 3 girls will come with us.  Whether Aaron joins us initially or later, depends greatly on the time we will go. Aaron did not join us on our previous trip to Australia, but all 3 girls went with.  The girls know a bit about Australia now and can't wait to move. 
The next few months - until we move - are going to be very interesting! I am looking forward to the challenge.

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