Friday, 22 July 2011

Keeping 2 Blogs of the same topic?

Yes, I did go a bit blog-trigger-happy and started 2 blogs at the same time, BUT … there is some method in the madness….
I come from an Afrikaans (South African) background.  Many of my friends and family who will be following my blog will prefer to do so in Afrikaans. 
I also have lots and lots of English friends and they will prefer English.  Thus, instead of doing one blog and confusing all with the shifting between 2 languages, I decided to do 2 blogs.
Some of the feeds will be different and some will be translations of each other.
Since our initial decision to emigrate, I have been keeping a diary and decided to blog this info but only once we announced our emigration plans to all our loved ones. 
This done, it is time.
There are mainly 2 reasons I have this blog:
Reason 1: For my friends and family to keep track of our developments and to be able to let all know what is happing to us once we are settled down under.
Reason 2: For friends, family, acquaintances and strangers who want to learn from our process (our mistakes and successes).  I enjoy reading other emigrates’ stories via blogs and think that our move may also be a lesson to other people. 

So here go my adventures of our big migration.

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