Saturday, 23 July 2011

Why are we emigrating?

The decision to emigrate is not necessarily an easy one.
Some people are doing it because it is the “flavour of our generation”. Others do it because they are trying to keep up wit the Jones’s or the brother or friend or whoever.
Some are doing it because of political reasons. They do not want to be ruled by a black government or they are not happy with the way our new South Africa has turned out.
There are the few who are doing it for the children and some are doing it to better their own future. For better working conditions or career development. Others are trying to get away from the Big B-word – Black Economic Empowerment or BEE.
Then there are the majority who are moving because of safety.  South Africa is not safe any more.
On our 3rd day of our holiday in Australia last year, I noticed some Afrikaans speaking people on the ferry.  I went over to them and had a quick chat.  Coincidently, they told me that they used to live about a kilometre from us in Centruion.  Small world! They’ve been in Australia for 3 months at that point. During our conversation the lady asked me if we are going to emigrate as well.  Seeing that we did not have such a decision lined up at that point, I told her no.  She tried to sell the idea to me by telling me I should consider it as Sydney is a very clean city.
These may be very nice people but at that point I did not want to chat to them any further.  How can I make a life changing decision such as emigration based on the cleanliness of a city? Now, everybody who knows South Africa knows it is not necessarily clean all over, but it is not a reason to want to leave my country of birth.
Last week, a friend asked me why we are emigrating.  In short I wanted to joke and tell him because of Malema, but then, maybe it is not a joke J.  The short reason is definitely that we want to give the kids a better future.
The long reason: I think it is a combination of all the reasons above. There is no single reason resulting in my decision.  Some people leave South Africa directly after being robbed or after a loved one or friend has been murdered. This was not the case with me. 
In Australia I felt save, I could see what your tax money gives you. Australians are 1st world people. The focus in Australia is on individual development and in the prosperity of the country. Not on who made the biggest toilet boo-boo or who can cheat the taxpayer out of most money.
I grew up in a first world.  This is how I reason, think and operate.
Only after 3 weeks holiday in a 1st world, did I realize that South Africa is long time not the 1st world country I grew up in.
I crave to be in a first world again. My decision was easy, once I realized this.

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