Monday, 22 August 2011

Strike season

The current ‘strike season’ reminds me of our experience last year.
If you follow my blog, you’ll know that we went on a holiday to Australia during the Soccer World Cup last year.  We kept up with the Soccer Friday custom and wore our yellow Bafanna Bafanna shirts every Friday.  (See photo of us at a Sydney Cupcake shop on our 1st Friday in Sydney - proudlly South African!)

The 1st Friday in Sydney, we walked to the Sydney Tower and we were greeted and cheered along the way. One special moment was when an Auzzie shook our hands and congratulated us on an Excellent World Cup.  Let me tell you, THIS is what Proudly South African means.  We were so proud of what SA achieved!
We returned to South Africa the morning after the Final and we were on a definite “high” because of our holiday and how the rest of the world perceived SA after the World Cup.
This high was short lived, because a month after the Wold Cup, “strike season” hit SA.  Last year were worse than other years, because teachers, nurses, and other government officials participated in the strikes.  Children could not go to school, sick people died in hospitals and matrics (final year scholars) did not know if they will have the opportunity to write their final exams. 
How do you live as part of a nation who does not care to educate their children or to take care of their ill or elderly? Why do all strikes have to end in violence and intimidation?
The 2011 strike season is in full swing.  We already had to suffer without petrol and deliveries. Once again, people are intimidated. Cars are destroyed, rubbished are thrown in the streets, tires are burned! Why does this happen every year? When are we going to learn that this type of behaviour is destructive to a nation?
How can we be a nation, standing together and receiving acknowledgement for an effort such as the World Cup, and days thereafter, allow the same nation to break it down again?  I just don’t understand….

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