Friday, 9 September 2011

Keeping the idea alive

“Wait” is not a term that a child normally understands or can do.  They lose focus so easily.  Between their normal tasks, playing, planning to play and messaging on the cell phone, they easily lose focus.

Although the kids are 100% happy about our emigration ideas, I have to keep reminding them about the future.  They lose focus and I have to be very creative to keep the idea alive.

Some of the ideas I implemented are as follows:
·         We look at houses and neighbourhoods in Sydney.  I let the kids tell me which house to look at and which ones they like.
·         We search for appropriate schools in the areas we are interested and look at their uniforms, activities, subjects and the general feel of the school (This helps a lot – even though we know we they have to go to a school on our area, they get a good idea about the schools)
·         I befriended a lot of people in Sydney and am trying to find pen pals for the kids.
·         We talk a lot about our fears, dreams, excitement and disappointments.  We openly have these discussions.  The kids are aware of the fact that it is not always going to be such fun as it was on our holiday, and I believe this will help them adjust to their new life.

A couple of weeks ago we had a braai (BBQ) on a Sunday afternoon.  We sat and had our famous family chats and we decided to document our feelings.  We tackled 2 questions that day and herewith the answers from us all.

Question 1: Why do you want to move to Australia?

Cara (8 yrs) - We are going to have lots of fun there.  They have more fun places. South Africa do not have so much fun places
Neré (10 yrs) – I want to get away from the strikes and taxi’s.  Striking people looks dangerous.  Taxi’s drive like idiots and cause bad accidents.
Megan (12 yrs) – It will be a big adventure. I want to feel what it feels like not living in South Africa. I will have freedom to do more things like going to the mall with my friends – ALONE – without my parents babysitting me.
Chantel (mother) – I feel like white people do not have opportunities, a history and future in South Africa. I don’t want to be judged in business on the colour of my skin, but want to have equal opportunities for myself and my children. I want to live somewhere where my children have a better future.
Sarel (Dad) – I want to be in a place where I can sleep every night without waking up and worry about every sound we hear. I want to go to parks that are free, clean and not fenced off. I want to live in a non-racial country where my children have a future.

Question 2: What I am I going to miss about South Africa?
Cara – Our big house, the pets, the family and South Africa
Neré – Our house, the pets, our family, Durban, the Kruger National Park, friends, school, our tutor, the cars and Honeydew Mazes
Megan – Family and friends. I will miss being with my friends at school every day.  The horse riding and our pets.
Chantel – I will miss my Mom and Dad.  Family, our pets. My domestic help and how easily we can get help in South Africa. I will miss the bushveld, being able to go dining out easily and cheap. My friends. I am going to miss my work.  With regards to food, I am going to miss SPUR Durky sauce and Jelly tots.
Sarel – Pets, bushveld, eating out and to braai on a wood fire.  I will miss our local pub: PEPPER CHAIR! And the big cheap steaks we get in South Africa

Honest truths from all of us!  I am going to repeat these questions in a month or 2 and see how the kid’s answers change.

Cheers for now – and enjoy the rugby world cup – it started today.  Go Bokke!!!!

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