Monday, 12 September 2011

Milestone No 1

Something very special happened today.  It was a special milestone on our journey.  An awareness, a surreal awareness of what is happening.
Some readers will not understand my excitement about this event, but most who have made an emigration decision, who are in a process of emigrating or who have been through it all, will understand this.
Initially we wanted to go to Australia for our “entry” in December, combining it with a holiday, but for various reasons (mostly financial) we decided against it and Sarel and I am going to Sydney in October to do the entry and to go do some LSD (Look, See and Decide!!!) Decide – mostly to decide which areas, neighbourhood etc will suit us. We will also go and activate the bank account Sarel opened the past week-end and to spend some quality time with my brother-and sister-in-law.
If we do not move before our “entry” date expires, we will take the kids in for a short holiday. Hopefully we will be able to move before then.
Now, back to my special experience today.  I phoned the travel agent we normally use (for business and private) and discussed the travel plans with her.  She asked all the necessary questions and asked me if Sarel will go in with his Dutch passport and if I need help with my tourist visa application.  Unmindful I answer that Sarel will probably use his Dutch passport and I will … and before I could say “need a visa” I remembered.  The whole purpose of our trip is to do our entry!
What a special feeling to tell her, never mind, we are going in with our South African passports and we don’t need visa’s as we have Permanent Residency Visa’s.
This was a WOW moment for me.  So surreal and an amazing feeling.
Another achievement on our journey happened this week-end.  Sarel opened a bank account in Australia.  We can only deposit money into the account and we do not earn interest yet but as soon as Sarel see his personal banker in Sydney, we will be able to transact and earn interest.  It is like our FICA. You need to prove who you are and they need to know that you are a real person and then the account becomes “active”. 
One can easily open a migrant account at most of the Australian banks over the internet.  I suggest you do your research in terms of what the banks offer.  Same as here in SA, all banks offer relatively the same products and interest, but you need to do your homework to decide for yourself which bank will suit you. That is why the internet is there! J
By the way, most banks have none or very little bank charges.
Now I am waiting for my next few milestones to tell you about.  Every milestone is closer to our time for our move and I am very excited.

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