Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Our House

I am no longer praying that our house gets sold, but I rather pray that God gives me the patience to wait for the house to be sold.

We can only start making plans to move to Australia once our house is sold. This is the last major thing on our to do list. In this current economy I am starting to think that it may be impossible to sell our house.

I remember so well back in 2005, after my 1st husband died in a car accident, I wanted to move back to my familiar surroundings in Alberton, just south of Johannesburg. We stayed in Pinetown, Kwa Zulu Natal at that stage. After such huge trauma in my life, I wanted to be closer to my parents and in-laws. I got hold of an estate agent, and he started marketing it.

The house was advertised in one of the booklets on a Monday and that afternoon 4 couples came to view the house. The agent had his hands full, not knowing who to serve first. All 4 couples viewed the house and back on the driveway, they started arguing about who are going to put in an offer 1st. I sold the house the following day to a lovely couple and I got double the price Jan and I bought the house for in 2003.

In a blink of the eye the house was sold. No stress, no hassles.

Now, in 2011, it is a total different story. In 2005 the house market was in a “boom” and all houses sold quickly. The demand for houses were much higher than the availability of them. This is definitely not the case in 2011.

After Sarel and I got engaged in 2006 we decided to move in together. Suddenly we had a house full of people. 6 in total. Sarel’s house just was not big enough so we decided to find a bigger house. We wanted to stay in the same neighbourhood because the kids were already settled in their schools.

We searched all over in the area, but just could not find a suitable house which fit our pockets.

One of the estate agents took us to a house in a Security Estate, about a kilometre away from our house. We were not too crazy about the 1st house she showed us (coinsidently, my gynaecologist lives in that house now), but we did fall in love with the Security Estate. So we decided to buy a stand and build a house in this Estate.

We found the perfect stand and bought it. A very good friend of ours is an architecht and he did our house plans for us. By the end of 2007 we were ready to build. But before we started building, Sarel and I got married, we sold Sarel’s house and we moved into a rental house across the road from our stand. We were ready to be owner builders

Herewith a few photos of our building process:

The stand before we started building


Ground work and preparation for the foundation

The kids enjoying themselves in the sand

Preparation for the raft foundation. There are some dolomite in the area and we all had to have raft foundations 

All the PVC piping for the electricity, water, vacuum cleaner and home automation before the cement are poured for the raft foundation.

Here comes the cement!

We had a typical Highveld storm the day of the pouring of the cement for the foundation. The mud was too thick for the cement trucks to come close to the foundation and we had to hire this orange monster to pump the cement closer to the foundation.

The first bricks are being laid
The ground floor done

The start of building on the 1st floor

1st floor done, now for the roof

Roof comes up ...

The house from the front

Almost done with the plastering.

A Cape Dutch style house must be white ....

 The lights inside the house

 All the lights on - view from outside.  This was so funny. Sarel did his own home automation thing, but at this stage it was not ready.  Thus, if you wanted to switch one light on, all the lights in the house came on.  Our neighbours must have though we are crazy.  Luckily Sarel sorted it out before we moved in. 

The house in daylight

The front of the house

We built this house with a lot of love and hope for the future. There were lots of sweat, but likely no tears nor blood. It was a wonderful project for me and Sarel during our first year of marriage. We worked very well together and we are proud of what we achieved.

We moved into our new house in August 2008. We are in this house just over 3 years now. It is a wonderful entertainment house, with an extra entertainment / pub room and with enough sleeping space for a small army.

If we knew that we were going to emigrate, we would never have build the house. But we aint no Psychics , so we did what was best for us at that time. I am not going to stay in South Africa just because we have a nice comfortable house.

We would love for this house to go to a family who will also enjoy it. We put the house on the market in January 2011 and to date; only 5 people came to view it! So few viewings!!!!

But I am still very positive because every person who come and view the property is one closer to the person who will actually buy the house.

Please hold thumbs or pray that the house will sell or alternatively pray that I get more patience. :-)

Until next time….

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