Thursday, 15 September 2011

Piglet Money

Today, a story that is not totally related to our emigration, but still worth telling and interesting.
It is about our pink savings pig.

In January 2010 I bought this huge pig with the intention to get the kids excited about saving for our Australia holiday in the June/July school holidays.  I gave the kids a black permanent marker and told them to decorate the pig in a way that everybody can see it is our “Australian holiday savings fund”.

We started putting some change into the pig and the kids started putting money in which they picked up.
My eldest daughter, Neré, is a real crow. She picks up every thing that shines and most of the time, this is money.  She easily picks up anything from 5c to R3 on a Saturday trip to the mall (mostly between R1 and R2). All this in 5c, 10c, 20c and sometimes a 50c coin. In Australia she picked up $5 in lose change (At that time it was R35!)
The other day I went to a mall in Randburg to fetch mail from the business post-box and from my car to the post box and back, I picked up 55c!!!
It is amazing to see how much money people just throw away.  Literally!!!!
This picked up money goes to the pink pig and it has become custom for the whole family to pick the money up and give to the pig.  We call this money “piglet money” (in Afrikaans: “Varkie geld”)
There are very little money in the piggy’s tummy that came from our purses, most were picked up.
I did not cut the piglet open for our holiday last year, but decided to continue to save this way. 
One day when we slaughter the piggy (it is halfway full now), I will let you know how much money was in his tummy.
Oink – until later…..

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