Friday, 18 November 2011

Back to normal

It is just over 2 weeks since we returned to South Africa after our quick trip to Sydney. In the midst of all the Qantas grounding drama, we were fortunate enough that the government intervened and we were able to fly on the date and time as booked.  The flight was very nice. Much nicer that when we went.  They kept on feeding us nice snacks and food and the personnel were very friendly. They did not make a big deal of the whole labour dispute. 
Back at OR Tambo the reality of AFRICA hit us quite hard when 2 ground workers yell-talked to each other (each one on the opposite side of the ramp as we were coming out of the plane).  They said something about a wheelchair and a Mr du Plessis.  I just thought… what would foreigners think about such rude yell-talk behaviour?  Luckily my disappointment was short lived, because in the isle on our way to customs, they played some very nice Afrikaans music on the loud system and I was pleased. At least the foreigners got a bit of “nice” as well.
I was quite surprised to go through customs so quick and fast. I did not even see where they should check our bags. We just walked out the doors ???  Hope they did some screening of the traveller’s bags behind the scenes.
We got onto the Gautrain and within the hour we were at home. The kids were very happy to see us and they could not wait to see the presents we brought them. I think they were more impressed by the presents than to see us. And of course … they could not wait to get to the Tim-Tams.
The eldest 2 daughters are in the middle of their school exams, so it is study, study, study…. My stepdaughter got the mumps just before her exam started. She will be going back to school on Monday and will have to catch up on all the exams she missed. She is a clever girl, so I think she will be OK with the added exams this week.
Yes … we are back to our normal life. A life of waking up for every sound, locking doors, clinging to handbags and kids in the shopping mall and remembering to switch on the alarm.  This trip to Australia just gave me confirmation that I NEED to move.  We’ve asked the real estate agents to lower the price on our house and hopefully the new price may just be what someone is looking for.  I hope the house sells soon, because I am ready for our new life in a 1st world.

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