Monday, 16 January 2012

1st Quotation

This is another blog entry that is overdue, but rather late than never…..
End of last year we decided to get a quote for the move to Australia and we contacted a company called Overt the limit. We got their contact details from the immigration agent we used. 
The representative who came to see us is Leslie Nienaber.  She gave me consent to publish her contact details. Her number is 011 964 8134.  They also work with import and export and other luggage issues – look at their services on the website (http://www.overthelimitluggage.co.za/)
Leslie was a tremendous help and gave us so much advice.  Being inexperienced in this field, you hear so many stories such as what you are allowed to take with to Australia and what not, etc and we just do not know what is the truth.
We’ve heard that we are not allowed to take wood, my heirloom a very old “riempie bank” (see photo) and that the piano would damage – thus we were very uncertain on how to prepare for our move without having correct info.
My Riempies heirloom

According to Leslie, we are allowed to take wood stuff (conditionally of course), feather pillows and my “riempie” heirloom.
As long as the wood and feathers are treated – no problem.  What would be problem is bamboo like baskets etc.  Also typical African wooden curios. The wood for these are not treated and can be a huge problem. 
The piano will be OK and I think it has a better chance of rotting because nobody plays it now, rather than being on a ship for a few weeks. J  I must remember to tell you the story about the piano and the piano lessons! But this for a next entry.
I have plenty of wooden cat ornaments (YES, I am one of those cat-crazy people!!!) and some are definitely not treated, thus, I will make sure I treat them before we go or alternatively, I will give it to my cat crazy family as a departing gift.
Apparently, if you take alcohol/liquor with, you may pay a liquor tax on it which is about 80% of the current AUD value of the bottle.  Luckily we do not have too much, but those that we want to take with, well, we’ll just have to pay if we want it.  Before we go, we’ll have a nice “empty-the-bar-party” and make sure we have enough beds for all around the house J
Further, some tips Leslie gave us was to make sure all our stuff is wash, sorted and arranged in all the rooms which the packers should pack.  The stuff we do not want to take must be stored in a separate room. The packers won’t go into that room.  All the stuff that goes into our suitcases must also be packed separate and kept in that room.
The packers will pack everything on this side and in Sydney they will unpack everything again. Obviously they will not put it away – that will be my job.
Now, it is time to tell you that I am a total control freak and when it comes to moving (which I have done a lot in the last few years), I know what to do, how it should be done and I WANT TO BE IN CONTROL.  I am dreading the move, because I will have to leave it in someone else’s control.
I think I will go to a spa for those few days!  I will discuss the matter with Sarel. (“wink”)
We have a 5 bedroom house, with 3 lounge/entertainment areas.  Thus, we will not be able to get away with a small container.  We got a quote for the 40ft container and the amount we were quoted is: R99,045. Thus, around R100,000. This amount does not include insurance, storage or fumigation. 
R100,000 sounds like a lot of money, but in honest truth, I can not replace my house contents for less than that in Australia.  It is well worth the money and on the other side, we will have our own familiar things with us and thus will feel more comfortable and happy with our own stuff.
Leslie uses KINGS INTERNATIONAL (www.kings-int.com) to do the move.
We will however get 1 or 2 more quotations, just to make sure we get the best deal.
For those who have already done this move, I am sure you are happy that you do not have to do it again, but for those who still need to do this move, I hope above info helps.  I will keep you updated with all our move info.
Cheers, until the next blog.

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