Saturday, 14 January 2012

Biltong convenience

This morning (Saturday) I woke up with a terrible sinus headache the familiar sinus-infection-horrible feeling.  I decided I am going to stay in bed and try and do as little as possible today.
After the needed morning toilet routine I thought, oh well, I am up, I can just as well go and eat something and have the necessary medication to help with the sinus infection.
After breakfast and the medication I went straight back to bed to go and feel sorry for myself.  Lying in bed I continued to read a blog of a South African family who moved to Australia a few years ago. Normally when I “discover” a new blog, I start reading at the 1st entry and continue my way until the last entry. It is like a book and I battle to put the laptop down to do other stuff until I have read the whole blog. 
This particular family also wrote about their Biltong adventures and their need to have biltong.  Like so many other blogs, they tell about making their first biltong as well as all the drama to get the correct gear, meat and spices.  Normally the bloggers tell us about the success and how nice it was to have their own biltong ready. 
Now, for the foreigners who do not know what biltong is: It is the most delicious dried meat snack you will ever have in any country.  Biltong is a snack tradition in every South African household and every child are brought up with biltong as a snack.  WE JUST LOVE IT!  It is like chocolate.  If you did not get your fix in a while you suffer from withdrawal symptoms which normally include a drooling mouth just thinking of it.
If you want to know more about biltong, follow this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biltong
Seeing that us South Africans love our biltong so much, it is normally a big deal if and when the expats make their own or if they have to buy some at ridicules prices in other countries.
I saw with my own two eyes that biltong sells for as much as AUD90 per kilogram. This is a very sad story as it is very expensive.  That is why most South African expats try and make their own biltong.

OK, back to me, in bed with sinus infection.  After a while I felt better, had my shower and went to the TV room to watch South Africa play cricket against Sri Lanka. Sarel was already wathcing and  I told him about the blog and the biltong and we started “drooling”.  It is time for biltong!!!!!
Luckily we still live in South Africa and there are biltong shops all over. We have specialised biltong shops as well as biltong available in all butcheries and grocery stores.  You can even buy biltong at the liquor stores (Biltong and beer or a nice red wine goes so well together)
So while drooling, I grabbed my handbag and car keys and off to the nearest biltong shop I go.  I walked in asked for R50 biltong and R50 dry wors (a dried South African sausage type thing).  Because I know the owner of the shop so well (from all the times I buy biltong there) he asked me how our Australia plans are.  I told him we are just waiting for our house to sell, but while we still live in SA, I am making use of the convenience of the Biltong shops.  He laughed and said that he thinks we are really going to miss the biltong shop.
By the way, this biltong shop sells its biltong at R150 per kilo (around AUD18)

While typing my blog, I am having a biltong sandwich and loving it!
We are really going to miss the convenience of getting biltong all over. Luckily we practiced to make our own biltong (and wors) last year, so I think we will be OK.  This is one of our projects in Australia – to make our own biltong and as soon as we do, I will blog all about our BILTONG ADVENTURES.

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  1. Well no problem in this department, we make our own here too. And as for a special biltong kas soos oupa en ouma gehad het dit kan ons ook mee help My aim this year is to make my own boerewors, we might need a few taste testers, are you willing? If you have a little spare time in April let me know 0487692132 look forward meeting you Have you sort of worked out where in Sydney you would live oneday? as for riding lessons, there are two schools in our area. (Penrith),
    stay safe