Sunday, 29 January 2012

The soap is finished

The Soap is Finished!

In August 2011 I told you that the “end is near”.  In that blog entry I mentioned hwo difficult it is to make certain decisions, especially long term decisions. We really do not know when we will be moving.

In Augustus 2011 het ek vir julle vertel dat die "einde naby" is en dat dit moeilik is om sekere besluite te neem, veral langtermyn besluite. Well, the mentioned soap is finished now!
The few bars of soap I bought in June / July are finished. The “few months” that I hoped it would last is done. But you will not believe this.  The same soap was on special again at the local grocery shop – just my luck! So I bought a few more. Still that weird feeling that I may have bought too much….
I really feels that my everyday decisions making skills (and my search for specials!) are being pushed to the edge.
At this stage I pass every decent special and as weird as it sounds, it affects me emotionally, because this uncertainty filter into my every day operation.
The kids are back at school for the new school year, and even with this, I am not able to make long term decisions. I only bought the necessary stationery. I did neither by new school clothes nor school shoes.
With regards to extra murals: We want the kids to participate in sport, but it is not fair on the sport teams for them to quit in the middle of the season.  Once again, a difficult decision.  2 of the girls do horse riding, and the youngest loves netball.  We discussed the matter with her and she decided to give up Netball this year, and also start horse riding. This way she is not affecting the Netball team.
As soon as we know a date that we move or once we are in Australia, it will be an adjustment again, because I will be able to make long term decisions again.  That will probably be something to get used to again.
Now, if only the house could get sold!!!!!

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