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Update Blog - March 2012

Hi Blog friends

Its been more than a months since my last blog!

It was by no means intentionally.  I've just been so busy the last few weeks, that I really did not have enough time to Blog.  Whenever I have a few minutes, I try to write a blog, but a day or so later, the news is old or our situation changed and there is more or better news to report.  I finally decided to sit down and write a 'catch up Blog'.

This year is going so fast, it feels as if I have already had 12 months in this year and the pace is not getting any slower!!!

Well, herewith some info so you know what happened over the last few weeks

Immigration Date:
Hubby and I decided to make our final move to Sydney during the April school holidays .... WELL, unfortunately that can not happen! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the earliest we can move is later this year - hopefully by December.
We were already making our preparations, getting all the quotes, sorting everything, arranging with school etc, when an obstacle or 2 came our way and we had to change our plans.  I am very emotional about this, but I do understand the situation and am happy that we will be able to move by December.
Maybe this change is a blessing in disguise, as we still have few things on our bucket list to do....

Children, activities and School
Last year we hired an Au Pair who assisted us tremendously with the children, homework and extra murals.  She was a student and found herself a permanent position this year, so hubby and I came to a fork in our road regarding the children.  I am not pro aftercare, as I prefer individual attention at home for the kids. 
One of the girls also have quite severe ADHD and thus needs extra attention and individual assistance with homework, tests and projects.
My own work at my husband's company are becoming less as most of my duties has already been handed over to my colleague. My husband and his partner gave permission that I reduce my working hours and I only work some mornings now.  This gives the afternoons to spend time with the girls and to take them to the extra mural activities.  The horse riding is +25km away and I go there 2x a week. They also go for piano lessons once a week.  The rest of the time I spend helping with homework, projects and preparation for tests/exams.  It is paying off as my ADHD childs' average increased by around 10%!
Being a "stay at home mom" has new meaning to me and I enjoy every second of it.  I will not trade this time with them for anything. It is special to me!

Family week-end
I have a large extended family on my Dad's side.  We've been doing family week-ends for the past 15+ years and we try and do it every 2 - 3 years.  2 years ago I promised to arrange the next one and this happened in February this year.  It was a lot of arrangements and lot of stress, but the week-end was a huge success and I saw family whom I do not often see.  It was quite emotional as it may be the last family week-end I attended.

Holiday in Sydney
Seeing that we are not moving in April, we were faced with an added dilemma!
We have to "enter" Australia by mid May in order to "activate" our Permanent Residency Status. Sarel and I already did our "entry" in October last year, but we still need to take all the kids to get their "stamp".  So, we decided to make a decent trip and holiday out of it.  We are spending a lot of money to take all 4 kids to Australia for a holiday in April.  It am really looking forward to this, so that we can show the kids where we might be staying, maybe go visit a school or 2 and just relax!!!

On our way to Sydney, we have a 10 hour stop over in Perth, so we are looking for fun things to do in Perth.  If you have any contributions ... please message me.  Thanks!

Coincidentally, we are booked on the same flight to Perth as one of my best friends.  These friends are actually immigrating, thus, I will be there to help, support and experience their move to Perth. What and honour!?  I am so happy I can share this experience with them.

Well, this is some of the news and activities which kept me buys the past few weeks.  Hopefully, the rest of the year is a bit more quiet that the past 2 months and that I will have more time to keep you informed of our immigration adventure!

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