Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I know I am supposed to tell you about our holiday in Sydney, but I am not going to do that now.  I have much more important news to share …. 

As you know, I am quite tired of waiting for our house to sell so that we can make or final plans to move to Australia.  And then … just like a thieve in the night … totally unexpected; we sold the house this passed week-end.


Now I don’t need to worry about the amount of specials I am missing out and how long my “soap stock” must last.  I know when the end is and I can plan around it!


On Saturday 5 May a couple came to view the house. Later that afternoon the agent phoned us to let us know that there may be an offer.  The next day at 10:00 the agent brought the offer over and we accepted.  A bit less than our original price, but good enough to cover our costs!  We are very happy with that offer.

We have to move the end of June.  Thereafter we will rent for 6 months (we want the kids to finish their school year) and thereafter we can move in December / January.  This is such an amazing feeling … so surreal!

I have to sort all the cupboards now and thus, by the time they pack our container at the end of the year we will have sooo much less to take with.

My trusted domestic worker (Margaret) just reminded me that this will be our 3rd move together.  At least we understand each other very well and she will be a great help!

After our move to the rental, I will have to finalize so many things for our immigration. The quotes for the container, flight bookings, accommodation in Sydney and a few other dreaded tasks such as cancelling our TV License!  After my 1st husband died in 2005 I tried to convince the wonderful staff at the SABC that a dead person can not continue paying his TV license, but they did not believe me.  I battled for almost 4 years before they gave up and cancelled his account.  I think they still don’t understand why I asked, but got tired of arguing. 

Now can you think what effort it will be to let them now we are immigrating and that we are not going to watch TV and listen to Radio in South Africa any more??? Any case .. I will try and cancel our account.

I also want to arrange a decent farewell party for us.  I think I will combine this with my 39th birthday party in December.  How does a pre-forty bash sound, or maybe a 39-forever party??

Any case, I need to do so much so let me see if I can sort a cupboard or 2 tonight.

I promise to post some photos of our Sydney holiday.  All I can say now is that we had lots of fun and that it was a very successful holiday.

Until later.…

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