Monday, 19 November 2012

As if we don't already have enough stress and too little time!!!

Only people who have emigrated or are in the process of emigration, can fully understand how busy you get closer to the actual date. Our deadline is the in 3 weeks time, because that's when they are coming to pack our container ... so every spare minute is spent to sort and get those last minute things done.

So... as if we are not stressed enough and as if we do not already have too little time at hand, we had a couple of incidents last week which stressed us out even further.

On Thursday afternoon, on Sarel's (husband) way back home from a meeting he stopped at a hardware shop to pick up an urgent item which he needed at home. Thinking it is safe in front of the shop's door and where the security guard is, he parked his car.

10 minutes later ... the car window's been broken and his laptop bag which was hidden behind the back seat was stolen. His Macbook, iPad and Identification Document was in the bag.

All is replaceable and the Macbook's been backup the previous evening. BUT THE EFFORT to get everything sorted!!!!

On Friday, Sarel took my car to run all his errands, including to go fetch a new window for replacement of his car's window at the glass centre, and where he parked to fetch the window, someone reversed into my car. No serious damage, but still .... effort, time and patients which neither of us have now.

So we had a bit of a "shitty" week... but as consolation ... we had a great week-end and I will tell you all about it in my next post!!! Great news!!!

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