Thursday, 1 November 2012

I resigned today!

Today I handed in my formal resignation. "Formal" because I am married to the boss and he is emigrating with me (LOL).  So he (and his business partner) was well aware of my impending resignation.

We've agreed that I would resign this month and for legal purposes I handed in my written notice. 

I've worked for this company for 6 years! 

A few months after I met my husband in 2006, I started working for his new company as they needed a person to look after the administrative side of the business.  I happen to be "in between" jobs and welcomed the challenge. (My experience lies mainly in Human Resource Management, but I also have ample business Administration and little bookkeeping experience)

I had sufficient experience and what started as a "helping them out" position, ended up being a full time HR-Finance-Administration-Marketing-Jack-of-all-Trades-type Manager.  Phew!!!
At times is was as difficult as that mouth full job description sounds.  Other times it was a breeze....

I thoroughly enjoyed helping my husband and his business partner setting up and growing their business.

Fortunately, the office is run from home and that gave me ample time to fetch the kids from school in the afternoon and help with homework.  That in itself is such a privilege!

In 2010 we hired an assistant and soon after she started, we decided to emigrate.  Thus, I have been "training" her since then to take over my position.  She proved that she is more than capable and therefore I can leave my job with a happy heart.

Weirdly, I feel quite sad about this resignation, but then again ... it is not a good-bye type resignation. It marks the end of an era.  I will probably always be part of the company via my husband who will still be involved, but my direct involvement will not be so intense any more.

It surely marks the beginning of the end of the formal issues for us here in South Africa.

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