Friday, 18 January 2013

Last days in South Africa

After the container left, I had such an empty feeling in my heart.  My heart was empty, but the house was not …
We had plenty of furniture left in the house, mostly purposefully left behind so we can still have something to sleep on, something to sit on and at least a TV to watch.  There were also a handful of items which we still wanted to go to Australia, but it did not fit into the container. This is now at the Removal company, awaiting a suitable container to be shipped to us.

We borrowed a few items from my neighbour – plates, wine glasses, a pot and a pan.  We kept our bar fridge behind and I borrowed a microwave oven from my mother.  I also kept my Thermomix (which came with in our luggage) and thus could at least prepare food in that.
I also kept my favourite sharp knife (I have a “phobia” of using a blunt knife!!!), our can opener, a pair of scissors and a serving spoon!  All of these also serves its purpose in the new house in Sydney.

So we were prepared to wait in our “empty” house until we flew early in Jan.
But before we could fly, we had one more thing to do … we needed to show the kids Table Mountain, the last item on our “bucket list”. We can not leave South Africa without showing this icon to the kids!!!

I booked a holiday self-catering apartment in Paarl in June 2012 already for this purpose and off we went to have our holiday!
Some photos  of our holiday:

Wine tasting at Nederburg

Kids in front of the Nederburg Masterchef Kitchen

At the Afrikaans Language Monument in Paarl


Sailboat trip in Cape Town Harbour

At KWV wine cellers

KWV wine cellars

On top of Table Mountain

After our holiday, we spent Christmas with my parents and thereafter we arranged the last few things in preparation for our flight.

The following 2 photos are of the last items that left our house.... the 1st is the load of stuff my domestic worker took home and the next is the stuff we took to my parents hous.


In my life I will NEVER EVER have a large house EVER again!! It felt like we would NEVER empty that house.  The bigger the house, the more crap you collect and NEVER AGAIN!!!!
Now that we are in our rental house in Sydney, I realised that the 20ft container which will be arriving shortly is already tooo much for us … so I will defiantly do some further sorting this side.

But NEVER a big house again … promise!!!

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