Wednesday, 16 January 2013

We finally arrived!!!

You must be thinking that I fell off planet earth ... actually we just moved countries, so I am still here :-)

We arrived in Sydney on 9 January 2013, with 5 boxes, 5 suitcases, 5 carry on luggage bags and lots of teddies. 

It is such a surreal feeling that we are finally in Australia!!!

It was sooo busy the last month and I just did not have the time to blog.  So, I owe you a decent catchup blog.  But, soooo much happened that I would rather put this in a few blogs over the next week.

Just to let you know that we moved into our own rental house in Sydney and that we are sorting out our life on this side.

Now for the catch up ... firstly the container packing experience.

The removal company came on 10 and 11 December to pack up the house.  It was quite an experience and if that nonsense of "they are coming to pack" is absolutely not to be misunderstood that you are not going to work!!! You literally work your butt off!!! 

The packing guys came, did a quick inventory about what goes and what stays and then they start and you have to be in 3 rooms at the same time to help. Regardless of how prepared you are, they still have questions and you still need to ensure they are doing the right thing. We were busy, busy, busy!!!

At number 99 we decided to take our washing machine, tumble dryer, double fridge and our Queen sized bed. Thus, the 20ft container was bulging by the time they closed the doors. But I have new respect for a 20ft container ..... I could not believe what they all fit into that little space!!!

Herewith some photos of the day ...

It is like playing "Tetris" to fit all the shapes!!!

Can all of this go into the conainer?

It was a thight fit with the bed going in last.

Our packing team!!!

Our life in a box!!

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